Senior Pastor

Sonya M. Mixon is a native of Long Island, N.Y., born into a long line of preachers and teachers of the Gospel. She is the eldest daughter of four children to Bishop Frank and Co-Pastor Gloria Mixon, of the Mt. Calvary Holy Church, in Huntington, N.Y. Sonya M. Mixon is the pastor of The Shabach Church in Apopka, Florida, where Dr. Todd M. Hall, Sr. is the founder and overseer. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theology, a Master’s degree in Religious Education and a Doctorate in Divinity.

Dr. Mixon Co-Hosts a weekly radio show on WOKB Radio with Dr. Todd Hall and has appeared on The Word Network, The Greg Davis Show and the Super Channel WACX. She is an international speaker traveling to England, the Caribbean and abroad teaching and preaching to hundreds. With her explosive delivery style Dr. Mixon brings a message of hope and empowerment. While traveling abroad in 1999 Dr. Mixon suffered debilitating injuries in a tragic 5 car accident that led to her having a series of spinal surgeries and countless hours and years of physical therapy and rehabilitation to regain her ability to walk as well as leaving her with a paralyzed right vocal chord. Dr. Mixon shares her journey and the journey of others through her self-titled talk show, “The Sonya Marie Show” airing on Dr. Mixon continues to beat the odds and diagnosis of her doctors to be an example to others of the healing power of God. She is currently penning her first book detailing her story to encourage others to never give up.

Dr. Mixon has shown great resilience as she serves as Senior Pastor of The Shabach Church and continues to lead this great congregation as the fastest growing ministry in Apopka, Florida, a city outside of Orlando. Through the generous act of Dr. Hall purchasing The Shabach Church their current edifice and land Dr. Mixon led her parishioners through a massive renovation. With the assistance of her members, just as Nehemiah did with Israel, The Shabach Church members turned the former Night Club, “Club Dudes”, into the present home of The Shabach Church.

While serving as pastor of The Shabach Church she also serves as Vice President of Shabach Ministries of Praise, Inc., and is the Executive Administrative Assistant to Chief Apostle Dr. Todd Hall and the Shabach Christian Church Fellowship also known as SCCF. SCCF is an organization of Pastors that boasts to be more than a fellowship but a family. Dr. Mixon has the privilege of hosting the SCCF Holy Convocation for 5 days yearly beginning each year on the last Wednesday in October. Dr. Mixon is also very active in the community and has developed a program working with teen-age girls. Pastor Mixon understands, first hand, what it’s like to go through traumatic experiences during the teen-age years, as a result, she founded an organization for young girls between the ages of thirteen and nineteen, known as, PEARLS. PEARLS is a nationally recognized 501(c) 3 non-profit organization focusing on the needs, pressures and concerns of inner city girls teaching them life skills and biblical principals preparing them for womanhood. PEARLS was established to encourage trust and friendship with other girls, while addressing the reality of life and building their self-esteem, as they prepare for a brighter future. As the young ladies matriculate through the program, PEARLS holds an annual Cotillion and graduation ceremony celebrating the rite of passage into womanhood. Pastor Mixon’s PEARLS program, which in its acronymic term, means Preparing Early As Rich Ladies of Success, has been most successful in helping many young girls become positive, responsible young ladies of their church and community.

Dr. Mixon is also, the creator and instructor of “Fitness through Praise!” which is an exhilarating aerobic workout video specifically designed for Christians desiring to keep fit. Dr. Mixon’s video has been so inspirational to Christians wanting to become healthy in mind, body and spirit that it has been used as a prototype on fitness in other countries.

Dr. Mixon recognizes that the people of God perish from a lack of knowledge and that the devil seeks to steal, kill and destroy the Body of Christ in any way he can. Therefore, she has tailored her ministry for direct confrontation of the enemy, as she pulls out all weapons of warfare by applying her skillful knowledge of the Word of God, with Praise and Worship to bring deliverance to God’s people. Dr. Mixon is nicknamed “Small Powerhouse” for none other reason, than her explosiveness and ability to pull souls out of deaths grip. You will not be disappointed or left unfulfilled once you have experienced the ministry of Dr. Sonya M. Mixon.